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Forest Conservation Bylaw Permit Process

​​​It is necessary that appropriate permit applications be submitted at least 5 days prior to the planned start of any harvesting.  Note that an Application for an Exemption to Remove Woodlands requires submission at least 3 months prior to the planned start date.  There are no fees charged for application submission.  Please refer to the Forest Conservation By-law #6894​ for further details.  Information on specific permits can be found below. 


Good Forestry Practices Permit
Good Forestry Practices Permit Application

This is the preferred option for landowners with an interest in improving the long-term value of their forests. An assessment by a Registered Professional Forester and tree marking by a qualified individual ensures that the forest and landowner are protected. This can provides an opportunity to have several loggers bid on trees to ensure that a fair market price is received for the timber.

Conifer Plantation Permit

Conifer Plantation Permit Application

This is a simplified process where standard thinning is proposed in a conifer plantation.

Harvesting Permit
Harvesting​ Permit Application

This provides an option to harvest trees which have attained a minimum diameter limit, provided that a minimum density of trees remains following the harvest. Note that this is not considered a good forest management practice. In the long-term, it can result in reduced diversity, quality, and productivity, as the best and fastest-growing trees are normally removed in each successive harvest. This often leaves only the poorer quality trees to grow further and as the source for future regeneration.

Exemption to Remove Woodlands
Application for an Exemption to Remove Woodlands​​

An exemption is required prior to the removal of woodlands unless the clearing is already exempted under conditions within the by-law​.

It is recommended that applicants​ contact the Conservation Forester prior to completing an application.   Applications must be submitted a minimum of 3 months prior to the proposed removal of woodlands

Conservation Forester​
Telephone: (705) ​721-6242