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Strategic Plan

Strategic planning systematically addresses the County's purpose, internal and external environment, value to stakeholders, plans for action and long term financial planning. The plan outlines how the County of Simcoe will achieve the Vision and Mission, based on our values. The Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap that will take us from where we are today to where we want to be in the coming years.

Recognizing this, the County developed such a plan, as well as instituted a process that allows updates to the plan to ensure it meets the changing needs of the community. It builds upon the direction of previous strategic plans and is supported by the strategic directions and initiatives. The County of Simcoe's Strategic Planning process is the cornerstone of our business model. It is the foundation upon which the Business Plans and the annual budget are based.

We believe that to allocate available resources, we must understand the needs and desires of the residents of the County and the environmental factors that affect us. By looking ahead and asking our stakeholders what they need, we establish a vision for what level of service we will provide, along with an understanding of what resources will be necessary to provide them.

The result is a Strategic Plan that helps the County establish priorities and make informed decisions while:

  • Improving Performance
  • Promoting forward looking focus
  • Communicating to everyone "What is Important"
  • Providing Direction
  • Managing Risk