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Winter Power Failures

Downed power linesWinter power failures are often caused by high winds, freezing rain, and sleet. These weather conditions can damage power lines and distributing equipment, shutting off power to homes and resulting in damage.

During a winter power failure

  • If power lines are downed on your property, notify your hydro provider. Only call 9-1-1 if someone is in immediate danger due to the power lines i.e. in a vehicle under the lines or actually in contact with the lines, or a fire has been started.
  • Turn off all appliances and electronic equipment to prevent injury when the power is restored. Turn down the thermostat to a minimum since power can be restored more easily when there is not a heavy demand on the system.
  • Do not use charcoal or gas barbecues, camping heating equipment, or home generators indoors because they can release potentially fatal carbon monoxide, which cannot be seen or smelled.
  • Never leave candles unattended.


Did You Know?

Exposure to cold weather puts additional strain on your heart. The second most likely cause of winter storm related deaths are heart attacks as a result of activities such as shovelling snow and pushing cars out of snow banks