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Severe Weather

  • ThunderstormIf a severe storm is forecast, secure everything that might be blown around or torn loose, both indoors and outdoors. Flying objects such as garbage cans and lawn furniture can injure people and damage property
  • If you live in an area where blizzards or heavy snows are frequent, ensure your emergency preparedness kit includes extra heating fuel and ready-to-eat foods
  • Maintain your property. Trim dead branches and cut down dead trees to reduce the danger of these falling onto your house during a storm. Check the drainage system around the house to reduce the possibility of basement flooding after a heavy rain
  • When a severe storm is on the horizon the Environment Canada issues advisories, watches, and warnings through the Public Alerts website, automated telephone information lines and Environment Canada's Weatheradio Network.
  • If hail is forecast, you may want to protect your vehicle by putting it in the garage
  • In the case of a severe thunderstorm unplug radios and televisions -- listen for weather updates on your battery-powered or crank-powered radio
Severe Weather Types:

Special weather statements are issued for weather events that are unusual, cause general inconvenience or public concern, and cannot adequately be described in a weather forecast.

Watches are issued when conditions exist that are favourable for a possible summer or winter storm. The storm could affect safety at at the very least will cause an inconvenience. In the summer a watch is issued up to 6 hours before a storm. In the winter, a watch can be issued up to 12-24 hours in advance. A watch can be upgraded to a warning.

Warnings are issued when severe weather is occurring or will occur. Severe summer storm warnings, such as thunderstorms, can be issued less than 1 hour in advance of the storm. Updates are issued as needed. Warnings should be taken seriously. When a warning is issued you should seek shelter and prepare to activate your emergency plan.