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Press Release

Outbreak Update - Georgian Manor


​​​​February 19

We are very pleased to share with you that the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has declared the outbreak at Georgian Manor officially over.

We are so grateful to our dedicated staff who acted swiftly and worked tirelessly to protect residents and the home from further transmission. We also thankour residents and their families for their​ understanding and continued support.

February 17

The status of the Georgian Manor outbreak remains stable and isolated to two (2) COVID-19 positive staff members.

All resident results from the February 11th swabbing have been returned as negative and we are currently awaiting receipt of a few outstanding staff surveillance swabs. This is encouraging news, and we are working with the Health Unit daily as we monitor our timeline, review test results and continue to work towards ending this outbreak within a 14-day window of our last positive test result (reported February 6).

​​February 12 

Georgian Manor remains steady at two (2) isolated cases of COVID-19 positive staff members. These staff self-isolated immediately, and we were therefore able to contain the spread through increased IPAC precautions. The hard work and diligence of everyone at Georgian Manor has paid off, and we are hopeful to have good news about our outbreak status soon.

We are still awaiting the final few results from all staff testing on February 9. However, all results received so far have been negative. We are also still receiving results from resident testing on our two (2) impacted units, Willow and Sumac, on February 11. We will continue to keep you updated as we receive the latest results.​

​​February 6 

​With the good news that all our residents had negative test results returned from mass swabbing that occurred on February 1, the Silver Birch Unit is no longer under quarantine. Meals and activities will now resume in common areas for residents on Silver Birch.

Today however, the Health Unit informed us of a second new positive staff case. This positive test dates back to mass staff testing that occurred on Tuesday, February 2 and the employee last worked in the home on February 5, cohorted to the Sumac Unit. The staff member is also asymptomatic and followed all enhanced safety and PPE measures when in the home.

For precautionary measures, the Health Unit is placing the Sumac Unit under outbreak. All residents on the Sumac Unit are placed in quarantine with droplet contact isolation precautions, and tray service for meals in their rooms for an abundance of caution.

February 5

As a result of the one (1) positive staff case, residents on the Willow Unit and Silver Birch Unit remain in isolation with droplet contact isolation precautions. Essential visits have been temporarily paused to the home for the health and safety of our residents and staff.​

We continue to receive the results of all staff testing conducted on Tuesday (February 2), and so far, all have been returned as negative. We have conducted additional testing on residents on the Willow Unit as a precaution, and these too were all negative.

While we have not yet received all our staff testing results from the Health Unit, the all resident testing and precautionary rapid swab results are promising – indicating that we have contained the virus. We will provide you with an update when we have officially received the outstanding results.

February 1​

On February 1, 2021, we were informed that one staff member at Georgian Manor has tested positive for COVID-19. The individual was identified through our routine weekly staff testing process that occurred on Thursday, January 28th. The individual is currently asymptomatic and last worked in the home on January 31, following all advanced infection control and PPE protocols. The staff member was cohorted to the Willow Unit.

As a result of the one positive staff test, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (Health Unit) is placing the Willow Unit only in Outbreak. All residents on the Willow Unit are being placed in quarantine with droplet contact isolation precautions.

While this is difficult news, please know that as community transmissions remain high, all homes are at a heightened risk. We fought the most recent outbreak at Georgian Manor with minimal impact to our home, and our staff will do everything they can to contain further spread.


  • As of January 14th, 94 percent of all Georgian Manor residents have received their first dose of the vaccine, which means that a high percentage of our residents have some immunity.
  • The Health Unit has confirmed that all residents at Georgian Manor will receive their second dose on Saturday, February 6th
  • We are working with the Health Unit to confirm timing for Georgian Residences
  • 117 staff at Georgian Manor have received their first dose of the vaccine with 78 percent of those staff already receiving the second dose to boost their immunity


Resident Quarantine & Isolation Precautions – Willow Unit ONLY:

  • Quarantine with droplet contact isolation precautions is in effect for all residents on the Willow Unit only and includes some additional PPE and staff requirements for safety and infection control reasons
  • Residents on the Willow Unit will receive tray service for their meals in their rooms until further notice and will continue with no group activities
  • Common areas on the Willow Unit will remain closed

Staff Cohorting:

  • Staff will be cohorting to one base unit to the extent possible to maintain care levels and limit the risk of spread within the home

Personal Care:

  • Personal care continues to be provided to all residents in their rooms as an added precaution on a one-to-one basis, including range of motion exercises, feeding, physiotherapy, etc. for impacted residents
  • Our Program and Support Services staff, as well as our entire circle of care team, do their very best to interact and maintain socialization with your loved ones each day


  • All residents in the home are being tested today with rapid testing also being completed on Willow Unit today
  • All staff at Georgian Manor will be tested on Tuesday, February 2
  • Given the presence of variant strains in our region, the Health Unit has directed that all new outbreak cases will automatically undergo enhanced testing for this variant, including this isolated case.

IPAC Procedures:

We have implemented extensive IPAC measures:

  • Enhanced screening/monitoring
  • Enhanced cleaning of all common areas
  • Cohorting of staff where possible
  • Quarantine and isolation for residents on the Willow Unit Home Areas
  • Donning and doffing of new PPE for all staff between each resident interaction, when leaving/entering their care unit or when leaving/entering the building
  • Enhanced hand hygiene and physical distancing between staff members in any staff area
  • Enhanced education and support to staff in assisting with IPAC measures

Family/Friends Communication Channels:

  • family members will be updated frequently with new information, including a weekly virtual Town Hall