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Council - June 9, 2020


​Simcoe Manor Redevelopment Project – Business Plan Update

Simcoe Manor and Village is one of four long term care and seniors services facilities owned and operated by the County of Simcoe, located in Beeton, Collingwood, Orillia and Penetanguishene. Simcoe Manor and Village has existed in Beeton since 1898 and has undertaken multiple renovations. Currently, the Manor consists of 126 long term care beds and 32 self-contained supportive living apartment units as part of Simcoe Village.

​Ongoing planning since 2018 has produced a redevelopment plan for Simcoe Manor, to transform the facility in into a complete adult lifestyle community campus with a range of housing options that allows residents to age in place modeled after the successful design of Georgian Village in Penetanguishene.

The redevelopment plans will result in a in a 160-bed long term care home, (additional 34 new beds), and more than 170 seniors housing units/homes (140+ new) and adult day program space for seniors with varying levels of care and support needs. The plans for a $177M seniors campus covering 438,558 sq. ft also include a range of amenities, such as health/medical services, pharmacy, dental, restaurant/dining/cafe, retail, salon, exercise area, and outdoor recreation options, among other services and programs.

Council voted to approve staff to proceed with the Simcoe Manor Redevelopment Master Plan as outlined. County Council will appoint two Council representatives to participate on a Redevelopment Project Working Group to support and guide the Simcoe Manor redevelopment for the duration of the project.

Gypsy Moth Infestation Status

European Gypsy Moth is a non-native insect that has been established in Ontario since 1969. The larvae of the moth can impact tree health by feeding on leaves and causing defoliation. Populations of this insect are cyclical and an increase within parts of Simcoe County occurred in 2019, resulting in an increase in concerns and inquiries from residents. The Forestry Department launched a website in late 2019 to provide information to residents. Surveys were completed in fall 2019 to assess the population and forecast future impacts and further monitoring is planned for 2020.

Council received a report that stated that the significant impacts and mortality of healthy trees will only result after repeated annual defoliation levels of 50-60 per cent. The report concluded that control measures are therefore not warranted at this time, but monitoring in 2020 will continue to evaluate the insect population to forecast future impacts. More information on management options for residents is available at www.simcoe.ca/gypsymoth.

Security Services Barrie Ontario Works Office

Following Council approval on June 11, 2019, the Ontario Works department worked with the County of Simcoe Procurement department to secure a vendor for the provision of security services. The procurement process resulted in the selection of GardaWorld as the on-site security vendor.

Prior to initiating on-site security on July 29, 2019, incidents were occurring frequently, often daily, ranging from verbal aggression, to threats, to illegal activities. Responses ranged from intervention by the Ontario Works Supervisor on-site through to police involvement depending on the nature of the incident and the outcome of the direction provided to the individuals involved.

Given the significant reduction in the number of incidents at the Barrie office and the frequency for police intervention as a result of the introduction of Security Services, as well as the feedback from staff and clients reflecting a greatly improved sense of safety and well-being at the site, Council voted in favour of Security Services continuing at the Barrie Ontario Works office as part of the annual budget process.

Sustainable Operations Program – Summer 2020 Update

In 2014 and 2019, County Council approved the first and second Corporate Conservation and Energy Management Plans (CCEMP). The CCEMP established the County’s 5-year strategic plan to manage and conserve energy. The 2014 CCEMP provided the corporation with a baseline to move forward on implementing improvements to its operations, facilities, and culture that reduce electricity and gas consumption, the associated costs and the negative environmental effects of the corporation’s energy consumption. As required by the Electricity Act, the CCEMP was updated and approved by Council in 2019 and outlined a new 5-year plan for energy conservation and demand management opportunities, projects and initiatives.

The report received by Council highlights steps taken by the County to manage energy use intensity and promote sustainable decisionmaking. In 2019, staff was successful in attaining a total of $27,528.25 in savings, cost avoidance, and incentives. Since the initiation of the Sustainable Operations Program in 2012, $1,354,142 in cost avoidances, savings or funding have been realized by the County of Simcoe.

Update on the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Program and Climate Action Planning

In April 2018, County Council approved the County of Simcoe’s membership in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities “Partners for Climate Protection” Program (PCP) program. The PCP program was designed to assist and guide municipalities through the development of a climate change action plan, and connects a network of over 350 Canadian municipalities publicly committed to reducing emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs), the main cause of climate change.

Council received a report outlining progress on the first three of five program milestones: Creating a greenhouse gas inventory and forecast; Setting an emissions reduction target; and Developing a local climate action plan. Staff will report back to Council in the fall with a progress update on the PCP program Milestones 1, 2 and 3, as well as other sustainable operations activities across the corporation.​​