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Collingwood Sesquicentennial

​The year 2008 marked the 150th Anniversary, or Sesquicentennial, of the incorporation of the Town of Collingwood on January 1, 1858. Known previously as Hurontario Mills, and as Hens and Chickens Harbour (after the one large and four small islands in the Bay), it was renamed in 1854 in honour of Admiral Lord Collingwood, a distinguished British naval officer, and a hero at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Originally a milling centre for the sparsely populated farming communities in the area, Collingwood’s role as a centre of shipping and commerce was established with the arrival of the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron (later Northern) Railway in 1855.

In celebration of Collingwood’s first 150 years, we are pleased to present a small selection of photographs of historic Collingwood from the collection of the Simcoe County Archives.

  • Hurontario Street 1918Hurontario Street 1918
    Hurontario Street by night, ca. 1918.
  • Collingwood fishing fleetCollingwood fishing fleet
    Collingwood fishing fleet in the harbour, ca. 1885
  • Steel grain boatSteel grain boat
    Steel grain boat unloading at the Collingwood Grand Trunk elevator, ca. 1907. Collingwood soon established itself as a commercial hub, and the busy harbour became a centerpiece of the town's identity.
  • SteamersSteamers
    View of steamers in Collingwood Harbour, 1909. Freighters carrying grain and other commodities soon vied for space with passenger and excursion vessels.
  • Grand Trunk System wharf warehouseGrand Trunk System wharf warehouse
    View of the Grand Trunk System wharf warehouse and freight office flanked by two steamers, ca 1910.
  • J. H. GJ. H. G
    Side launch of the steamer J. H. G. Hagarty, 1914. She was the last new vessel built by The St. Lawrence and Chicago Steam Navigation Company and continued to operate on the Great Lakes until 1967.
  • Steamer RoyaltonSteamer Royalton
    Steamer Royalton in the middle of construction at the Collingwood Shipyards, June 21, 1924.
  • Hurontario Street 1882Hurontario Street 1882
    Hurontario Street, Collingwood, 1882.
  • Hurontario Street 1903Hurontario Street 1903
    Hurontario Street in the depths of winter, ca. 1903.
  • Hurontario Street 1910Hurontario Street 1910
    Hurontario Street looking north, ca. 1910.
  • Hurontario Street 1940Hurontario Street 1940
    Hurontario Street, including the Town Hall and the Gayety Theatre, ca. 1940.
  • Hurontario Street 1980Hurontario Street 1980
    Hurontario Street from above, ca. 1980.
  • Maple Street 1910Maple Street 1910
    Maple Street looking south, ca. 1910.
  • Collingwood Public Library 1915Collingwood Public Library 1915
    Collingwood Public Library, Carnegie building, ca. 1915.
  • Collingwood Post Office 1910Collingwood Post Office 1910
    Collingwood Post Office on Hurontario Street, ca. 1910.
  • Collingwood Hospital 1915Collingwood Hospital 1915
    The General and Marine Hospital, ca. 1915.
  • Collingwood Public School 1907Collingwood Public School 1907
    Collingwood Public School, ca. 1907.
  • Collingwood Collegiate Institute 1926Collingwood Collegiate Institute 1926
    Collingwood Collegiate Institute, later Admiral Collingwood Public School when the new collegiate was constructed on Hurontario Street, after 1926.
  • Bellman's Drug Store 1910Bellman's Drug Store 1910
    Interior of Bellman's Drug Store, ca. 1910.
  • Collingwood Juvenile Hockey ClubCollingwood Juvenile Hockey Club
    Collingwood Juvenile Hockey Club, 1945-1946.
  • Collingwood nurses 1920Collingwood nurses 1920
    Collingwood nurses enjoying a meal on a boat, ca. 1920.