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What is the Environmental Resource Recovery Centre?What is the Environmental Resource Recovery Centre?<font color="#221e1f" size="3"><font color="#221e1f" size="3"><p><font color="#211d1e" size="3"><font color="#211d1e" size="3">There are two main facilities to be co-located at the Environmental Resource Recovery Centre – a Materials Management Facility (MMF) and an Organics Processing Facility (OPF). </font></font></p><font color="#211d1e" size="3"><font color="#211d1e" size="3"><ul><li>Materials Management Facility (MMF) – a location for consolidation and transfer of waste (garbage, blue box recycling, and organics) from multiple collection vehicles for more economical shipment to other disposal or processing locations. </li><li>Organics Processing Facility (OPF) – a location where green bin material (kitchen waste, soiled paper products, etc.) and potentially materials such as leaf and yard waste, pet waste, diapers, and sanitary products are processed under controlled conditions and converted into other valuable products, such as compost or fertilizer. </li><li>Other – additional developments at the Environmental Resource Recovery Centre (on the 4.5 ha development envelope) include a Solid Waste Management truck servicing area, a public education area, and the potential for future expansion to a recycling sorting facility (Materials Recovery Facility). <br><br></li></ul><p><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br></p></font></font></font></font>
Is this a landfill?Is this a landfill?No. Assessing development of the OPF and MMF were recommended in the County’s Solid Waste Management Strategy as a result of County Council’s direction that no new landfills would be developed. This infrastructure will support the County’s diversion initiatives and transfer of wastes for export to processing and disposal locations. <br><br><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br><br>
Where are we in the process? What's next?Where are we in the process? What's next?<font color="#221e1f" size="3"><font color="#221e1f" size="3"><font color="#211d1e" size="3"><font color="#211d1e" size="3">The siting process was completed in March 2016 with direction provided by County Council to develop a co-located facility at 2976 Horseshoe Valley Road West, Springwater. The project is moving forward with the Planning approvals process. Project information and studies will be reviewed by the appropriate agencies. Technology procurement, construction, and commissioning are set to follow this process. Upcoming milestones include: </font></font><font color="#211d1e" size="3"><font color="#211d1e" size="3"><ul><li>Planning approvals process (2017) </li><li>Request for Information for organics management options (closes January 2017) </li><li>Preparation of preliminary business case (Spring 2017) <br><br></li></ul><p><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br></p></font></font> </font></font>
Will nearby neighbours be impacted by odours?Will nearby neighbours be impacted by odours?It will be the responsibility of the County to ensure that neighbours are not impacted by odours. Controlling offsite odours will be a significant operational requirement of the facility and site design and technology must ensure specified odour limits are met. This was a consideration during the siting process and the preferred location offers large separation distances. Modern odour control measures will also be incorporated into design of the buildings and material will be accepted in enclosed buildings under negative air pressure, utilizing fast-action doors. Additional information can be found in the odour assessment completed as part of the <a href="/Planning/Documents/7.%20Facility%20Characteristics%20Report.pdf">Facility Characteristics Report</a>. <br><br><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br><br>
When will the processing method/technology be selected for the OPF?When will the processing method/technology be selected for the OPF?Technology selection will be a three-part procurement process. It began with a Request for Information, closing in early 2017. A Request for Pre-qualification and Request for Proposal for organics processing technology will be released following receipt of the Planning approvals, anticipated in 2017. <br><br><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br><br>
What are the anticipated costs for the facility?What are the anticipated costs for the facility?Although actual costs of the MMF will be determined through the procurement process, it is estimated the capital cost of the MMF will be $4.7 million. This considers $1.15 million in significant funding secured from the Continuous Improvement Fund (CIF). Estimated capital costs to develop the OPF could range from $10 to $35 million or higher, dependent on selected technology. Accurate costs, however, will only be determined through site-specific design and the procurement process. <br><br><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br><br>
What planning approvals are required?What planning approvals are required?Development of the Environmental Resource Recovery Centre will require amendments to the County Official Plan as well as the Township of Springwater Official Plan and zoning bylaw. <br><br><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br><br>
What technical studies have been undertaken?What technical studies have been undertaken?<font color="#221e1f" size="3"><font color="#221e1f" size="3"><font color="#211d1e" size="3"><font color="#211d1e" size="3">The following studies were undertaken to further both local and County Planning amendments, please click <a href="/Planning/Pages/Simcoe-County-Environmental-Resource-Recovery-Centre.aspx" target="_blank">here</a> to view all technical studies: </font></font><font color="#211d1e" size="3"><font color="#211d1e" size="3"><ul><li>Planning Justification Report </li><li>Agricultural Impact Assessment Report </li><li>Scoped Environmental Impact Study (includes Hazard Land Assessment) </li><li>Facility Characteristics Report (includes Conceptual Site Plan, Functional Servicing Study, Stormwater Management Study, Noise Assessment, Odour Assessment) </li><li>Hydrogeological Assessment </li><li>Stage 1 & 2 Archaeological Assessment </li><li>Stage 3 Site Specific Assessment </li><li>Stage 3 Site Specific Assessment – Supplementary Documentation </li><li>Cultural Heritage Resource Assessment: Built Heritage Resources and Cultural Heritage Landscapes </li><li>Traffic Impact Assessment</li></ul></font></font><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br><br> </font></font>
What will happen to the rest of the tract?What will happen to the rest of the tract?The facility footprint is anticipated to be 11 acres (4.5 hectares) of the 207 acre (84 hectares) location (approximately 5%), allowing for continued forest management activities and use of the forest for recreational purposes. <br><br><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br><br>
What will be the impact of the additional traffic to this area?What will be the impact of the additional traffic to this area?<p>The impact of additional traffic is outlined in the <a href="/Planning/Documents/11.%20Traffic%20Impact%20Study.pdf" target="_blank">Traffic Impact Study</a> (TIS). This study examined data related to peak periods – both for site-generated traffic and for this portion of Horseshoe Valley Road West. Additional information can be found in the report dated November 2016 (a link to this study is provided at <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=ae857544-17dc-45d3-869c-5fe2901daf43" target="_blank">simcoe. ca/errc</a>). </p><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=477694ae-22b2-4abf-9da1-c9289df21ffa"><font color="#0066cc">Home</font></a><br><br>

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