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Emergency Management



IMPORTANT: Never cross a flooded areaFlood Picture

To reduce the likelihood of flood damage:                                      

  • Put weather protection sealant around basement windows and the base of ground level doors 
  • Install downspout drainage at a sufficient distance away from your residence to ensure that water moves away from the building 
  • Consider installing a sump pump and zero reverse flow valves in basement floor drains

During a Flood

  • Shut off the electricity
  • If the area around the fuse box or circuit breaker is wet, stand on a dry board and shut off the power with a dry wooden stick
  • Try to move furniture, electrical appliances and other belongings to floors above ground level 
  • Disconnect eavestroughs if they are connected to the house sewer

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Flood Smart

Flood Classifications

FLOOD ADVISORY: notifies that the potential for flooding exists within specific watercourses and municipalities.
FLOOD WARNING: notifies that flooding is imminent or occurring within specific watercourses and municipalities.
FLOOD SAFETY BULLETIN: notifies that unsafe lake, river and channel conditions exist.
WATERSHED CONDITIONS BULLETINS: notifies of anticipated watershed conditions



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