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Garbage Tags

How to Use Garbage Tags

For Bags - To affix the tag, tie your garbage bag as you normally would with a twist tie or knot and then place the tag around the neck of the bag and stick the glued sides of the tag together.

For Containers - Stick the tag to the top piece of garbage, so that it is VISIBLE when the lid is lifted.


  • The County of Simcoe has a one bag/container per week garbage limit in effect. For additional waste, County garbage tags must be affixed. Maximum 8 bags weekly per property (1 untagged and 7 tagged bags) permitted.
  • Garbage tags do not apply to bulky items, yard waste, blue boxes or green bins.
  • Garbage tags must be purchased as a sheet (5 x $3.00 = $15.00) not individually. 

 Bag Tag Locations



Business NameAddressPhone
Tosorontio Landfill - Site 136815 CONCESSION ROAD 4 

Bradford West Gwillimbury

Bond Head

Business NameAddressPhone
Bond Head Essa2922 COUNTY ROAD 27(905) 778-0670


Business NameAddressPhone
Bradford Food Mart95 HOLLAND STREET WEST(905) 775-2335
Bradford West Gwillimbury Treasury Dept.61 HOLLAND STREET EAST(905) 775-5303
Bradford #1 Smoke & Variety177 HOLLAND STREET EAST(905) 775-5561
West Gwillimbury Transfer Station, Site #162960 LINE 12 
Canadian Tire - #446 - Bradford430 HOLLAND STREET WEST(905) 778-4330
Mac's Convenience Store #65057160 HOLLAND STREET WEST(905) 775-2763
Bradford Home Hardware30 DISSETTE STREET(905) 775-6355



Business NameAddressPhone
Creemore Jug City7560 COUNTY ROAD 9(705) 466-2025
Creemore Home Hardware153 MILL STREET(705) 466-6511

New Lowell

Business NameAddressPhone
The New Lowell General Store5273 COUNTY ROAD 9 


Business NameAddressPhone
D & L Family Variety4190 COUNTY ROAD 124(705) 445-6032


Business NameAddressPhone
Township of Clearview Municipal Office217 GIDEON STREET(705) 428-6230
Stayner Foodland1057 COUNTY ROAD 42(705) 428-3449
Oasis Supermarket7297 HIGHWAY 26(705) 428-3178
Nottawasaga Landfill, Site #105715 COUNTY ROAD 64 



Business NameAddressPhone
Mac's Convenience236 HURONTARIO STREET(705) 445-9890
Mac's Convenience580 CAMERON STREET(705) 445-7220
East End Variety256 ONTARIO STREET(705) 445-9919
Collingwood Landfill Site #2470 TENTH LINE 
Mac's Convenience560 FIRST STREET(705) 445-8121
Loblaws Supermarkets Inc.12 HURONTARIO STREET(705) 445-1431
Town of Collingwood Municipal Office97 HURONTARIO STREET(705) 445-1030
Charlie's Variety181 BIRCH STREET(705) 446-1968
Shoppers Drug Mart175 FIRST STREET(705) 444-6055
Home Hardware Building Centre104 HIGH STREET(705) 445-2671



Business NameAddressPhone
Angus Home Hardware17 KING STREET(705) 424-9511
Mac's Convenience139 MILL STREET(705) 424-1030
Essa Centennial Library - Angus Branch8505 COUNTY ROAD 10(705) 424-6531


Business NameAddressPhone
Essa Centennial Library - Thornton Branch34 ROBERT STREET(705) 458-2549
Thornton General Store239 BARRIE STREET(705) 458-4326
Thornton Corner Store1 ROBERT STREET(705) 458-2179


Business NameAddressPhone
Township of Essa Municipal Office5786 COUNTY ROAD 21(705) 424-9770


Belle Ewart

Business NameAddressPhone
Mana Variety940 EWART STREET(705) 456-9028


Business NameAddressPhone
Lui's Place31 KING STREET NORTH(705) 458-1211
Bob's Milk Store18 QUEEN STREET(705) 458-9452


Business NameAddressPhone
Gilford General Store1454 GILFORD ROAD(705) 456-2101
Trotter's Esso5479 YONGE STREET(705) 456-3030


Business NameAddressPhone
Hi Mart3280 25 SIDEROAD(705) 431-7323
Rainbow Convenience7975 YONGE STREET(705) 436-9723
Lucky's Town Centre Variety945 INNISFIL BEACH ROAD(705) 431-2729
Town of Innisfil Municipal Office7315 YONGE STREET(705) 436-3710
Alcona Beach Sobeys2080 JANS BOULEVARD(705) 431-6667
Mac's Convenience808 INNISFIL BEACH ROAD(705) 436-7183
Sandy Cove Variety897 LOCKHART ROAD(705) 436 4500
Big Bay Point General Store109 BIG BAY POINT ROAD(705) 436-6162


Business NameAddressPhone
Lefroy Daisy Mart1382 KILLARNEY BEACH ROAD(705) 456-8383
Lefroy Fresh Mart1311 KILLARNEY BEACH ROAD(705) 456-3418


Business NameAddressPhone
Stroud Convenience8056 YONGE STREET(705) 431-2325
Stroud Foodland8056 YONGE STREET(705) 431-2325


Business NameAddressPhone
Becker's9225 COUNTY ROAD 93(705) 526-6226


Business NameAddressPhone
Town of Midland Municipal Office575 DOMINION AVENUE(705) 526-4275
Foodland795 BALM BEACH ROAD EAST(705) 527-4067
Mac's Convenience293 MIDLAND AVENUE(705) 526-8074
Canadian Tire9315 COUNTY ROAD 93(705) 526-9321
Maurice's Valu-Mart277 KING STREET(705) 526-3622
Little Lake Convenience741 YONGE STREET(705) 526-5550
Mac's Convenience755 WILLIAM STREET(705) 526-0495
North Simcoe Transfer Station, Site 241700 GOLF LINK ROAD 
Gignac Midway1250 VINDIN STREET(705) 528-0203
Duke's Convenience815 KING STREET(705) 528-0110

New Tecumseth


Business NameAddressPhone
Mac's Convenience33 YOUNG STREET(705) 435-4621
Banting Convenience176 VICTORIA STREET EAST(705) 435-9836
Town of New Tecumseth Municipal Office10 WELLINGTON STREET EAST(705) 435-6219
TLC Convenience265 KING STREET NORTH(705) 434-9500
Canadian Tire - Alliston 110 YOUNG STREET(705) 435-5551
Alliston Convenience103 VICTORIA STREET WEST(705) 434-0278
Luckie's Convenience36 YOUNG STREET(705) 434-4957
New Tecumseth Convenience Store19 CHURCH STREET NORTH(705) 250-4400


Business NameAddressPhone
Ray's Mart & Video1 MAIN STREET WEST(905) 729-3308
Daisy Mart60 MAIN STREET WEST(905) 729-2412
Ken and Bonnie's Beeton Foodland50 MAIN STREET EAST(905) 729-2513
The Beeton Express50 MAIN STREET EAST(905) 729-2513


Business NameAddressPhone
Cookstown Mart18 QUEEN STREET NORTH 


Business NameAddressPhone
Tottenham Milk & Variety1 QUEEN STREET SOUTH(905) 936-6077
Tottenham Smoke & Variety55 QUEEN STREET SOUTH(905) 936-5372
Tottenham Home Hardware260 QUEEN STREET NORTH(905) 936-2566
Tottenham Foodland260 QUEEN STREET NORTH(905) 936-2566
49er Milk & Variety51 QUEEN STREET SOUTH(905) 936-2738
Tottenham AM PM Convenience2 QUEEN STREET SOUTH(905) 936-9160



Business NameAddressPhone
Dalston General Store1696 PENETANGUISHENE ROAD(705) 728-8617


Business NameAddressPhone
Craighurst Foodland2106 HORSESHOE VALLEY ROAD WEST(705) 726-4666
Sinton's Esso7 DUNGEY CRESCENT(705) 737-9302


Business NameAddressPhone
Oro Landfill, Site 11610 OLD BARRIE ROAD WEST 


Business NameAddressPhone
Hawkstone General Store353 LINE 11 SOUTH(705) 487-2933


Business NameAddressPhone
Tasty Market246 MOONSTONE ROAD EAST(705) 835-6750


Business NameAddressPhone
Price's Corner Variety Store9110 HIGHWAY 12(705) 326-9270
Carthew Bay General Store2804 LAKESHORE ROAD EAST(705) 326-3295


Business NameAddressPhone
Township of Oro-Medonte Municipal Office148 LINE 7 SOUTH(705) 487-2171
CJ Convenience855 RIDGE ROAD WEST(705) 353-0091

Oro Station

Business NameAddressPhone
Coulson General Store9 HORSESHOE VALLEY ROAD WEST(705) 835-6351
Oro Station General Store630 LINE 7 SOUTH(705) 487-2005

Shanty Bay

Business NameAddressPhone
Village Milk Store2021 RIDGE ROAD WEST(705) 722-3300


Business NameAddressPhone
Warminster Jug City/AMCO9829 HIGHWAY 12(705) 325-2576



Business NameAddressPhone
Mac's Convenience Store95 MAIN STREET(705) 549-4397
Town Penetanguishene Municipal Office10 ROBERT STREET WEST(705) 549-7453
Penetanguishene Public Library24 SIMCOE STREET(705) 549-7164



Business NameAddressPhone
Brechin Foodland2202 HIGHWAY 12(705) 484-0032
Super Food Market2279 HIGHWAY 12(705) 484-5553
Brechin One Stop Convenience 2692 HIGHWAY 12(705) 484-5000
Township Ramara Municipal Office2297 HIGHWAY 12(705) 484-5374


Business NameAddressPhone
Mara Transfer Station, Site 75200 COUNTY ROAD 169 
One of a Kind/The Sign Guys781 ATHERLEY ROAD(705) 325-6654
Ramara Fuels5236 HIGHWAY 12(705) 329-0319
Rama General Store5872 RAMA ROAD(705) 323-9579



Business NameAddressPhone
Jag's Petro Canada36 COLDWATER ROAD(705) 686-3325
Severn Tim-Br Mart116 COLDWATER ROAD(705) 686-7302
Coldwater Home Hardware1 RIVER STREET(705) 686-3375
Matchedash Transfer Station - Site #84546 UPPER BIG CHUTE ROAD 

Cumberland Beach

Business NameAddressPhone
Cumberland Beach Mini Mart3365 HIGHVIEW AVENUE(705) 689-6442


Business NameAddressPhone
Township of Severn Municipal Office1024 HURLWOOD LANE(705) 325-2315


Business NameAddressPhone
Houston's Village Grocery3391 MUSKOKA STREET(705) 689-2632
Washago Home Hardware3375 MUSKOKA STREET(705) 689-2611


Business NameAddressPhone
Orr Lake General Store5639 PENETANGUISHENE ROAD705-322-8880


Business NameAddressPhone
Clover Variety32 YONGE STREET NORTH(705) 322-5627
Elmvale Foodland14 YONGE STREET NORTH(705) 322-2261
Guardian - Whitfields Pharmacy16 QUEEN STREET WEST(705) 322-1011
Elmvale Convenience24 YONGE STREET SOUTH(705) 322-1442
Springwater Public Library (Elmvale Branch)50 QUEEN STREET WEST705-322-1482
R&P Gas & Variety2236 COUNTY ROAD 92(705) 322-9521


Business NameAddressPhone
Mac's Convenience1179 BAYFIELD STREET NORTH(705) 792-1239
County of Simcoe Administration Centre1110 HIGHWAY 26(705) 726-9300
Pharmasave94 FINLAY MILL ROAD(705) 503-7333
Springwater Library (Midhurst Branch)12 FINLAY MILL ROAD705-737-5650


Business NameAddressPhone
Township Springwater Municipal Office2231 NURSERY ROAD(705) 728-4784
Village Variety1630 GEORGE JOHNSTON ROAD(705) 722-6111
Springwater Public Library (Minesing Branch)2347 RONALD ROAD705-722-6440


Business NameAddressPhone
Phelpston General Store1547 FLOS ROAD FOUR WEST(705) 322-7331
Anten Mills General Store3656 HORSESHOE VALLEY ROAD WEST(705) 726-4414
Quick Gas Mart Inc.13103 COUNTY ROAD 27(705) 322-0341


Port McNicoll

Business NameAddressPhone
The Village General Store744 FOURTH AVENUE(705) 534-4304
Garrett's Convenience542 TALBOT STREET(705) 534-3664

Victoria Harbour

Business NameAddressPhone
Victoria Harbour Convenience338 PARK STREET(705) 534-6260
Township Tay Municipal Office450 PARK STREET(705) 534-7248
Sunny Convenience187 ALBERT STREET(705) 540-1531



Business NameAddressPhone
Super Jays345 RUE LAFONTAINE ROAD WEST(705) 533-2443
Desroches Esso2 RUE LAFONTAINE ROAD EAST(705) 533-2948
Lafontaine Supermarket345 RUE LAFONTAINE ROAD WEST(705) 533-2443


Business NameAddressPhone
Adamson's Gas Bar120 COUNTY ROAD 6 SOUTH(705) 527-7034
Township Tiny Municipal Office130 BALM BEACH ROAD WEST(705) 526-4204


Business NameAddressPhone
Waverly Landing6555 HIGHWAY 93(705) 322-1352


Business NameAddressPhone
Wyevale Jug City870 COUNTY ROAD 6 SOUTH(705) 322-2624

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach

Business NameAddressPhone
Foodland711 RIVER ROAD WEST(705) 429-1360
Wasaga Esso1928 MOSLEY STREET(705) 429-2481
Beach Builder's Home Hardware1955 MOSLEY STREET(705) 429-2960
Daisy Mart620 RIVER ROAD WEST(705) 429-4575
Wasaga Beach Admin. Building30 LEWIS STREET(705) 429-3844
B.B. Convenience810 MOSLEY STREET(705) 429-0334
Bayside Variety707 RIVER ROAD WEST(705) 429-2408
Castle Building Centre1317 MOSLEY STREET(705) 429-5712
Canadian Tire75 45TH STREET SOUTH(705) 422-1250