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Growth Information

Population & Employment Growth

Introduction: 2014 Simcoe County Land Budget Update

The County is expected to continue to experience population and employment growth over the next twenty years. Wise growth management practices will assist municipalities in balancing growth in a sustainable and coordinated manner. The County Official Plan, is in part the County's growth management strategy which is closely linked with its strategies for conservation, natural, and cultural resources, and economic development.

To support the County's growth management and conservation strategies, the County of Simcoe is working with its municipal and provincial partners to update the Simcoe County Land Budget.  The Simcoe County Land Budget is a planning tool used to assist the County and its member municipalities to sustainably accommodate population and employment growth in the County until 2031. The County Land Budget has been in development since 2008, and has evolved to accommodate changes in relevant policy and adopt new data collection techniques.

The Land Budget is composed of three distinct phases that will be released separately. The first phase focuses on population growth and residential development. Phase1: Population Growth of the Land Budget is available below. The second phase will focus on employment growth and economic development. The third phase will harmonize phases 1 and 2. These last two phases will be released at a later date.

Data Collection & Analysis

Data used to for the County Land Budget has been sourced from, and in partnership with, the County's municipal partners.  In brief the data is a compilation of planning applications and lands designated for growth. The data will be updated periodically as the planning applications proceed through the municipal approvals process, in accordance with the Planning Act. The updated application data will continually inform the land budget analysis. As such, precise up-to-date development data should be verified with the local municipality.

The Land Budget methodology will be reviewed periodically to incorporate updates that have occurred. A detailed explanation of the data collection process and the Land Budget analysis is provided in a document titled Simcoe County Land Budget Data Collection and Analysis (Updated December 2015). This document should be read in conjunction with Municipal Land Budget calculations and relevant planning documents.

Together, the Final Land Budget information is intended to assist the County, local municipalities, provincial agencies, and stakeholders in the following:

  • Accommodate growth forecasts provided in Schedule 7 of the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (Growth Plan);
  • Identify growth committed to approved development;
  • Track pending and unapproved applications for new development;
  • Quantify available land supply;
  • Encourage and monitor achievement of density and intensification targets, and;
  • Analyze growth and development trends.

Additional Information:

Simcoe Area Growth Plan May 2008

Expanded Land Budget February 2010

Phase 1 – Population Growth

New Land Budget table format updated December 2015

Municipality Link to Land Budget Report (PDF)Notes

December 2015


​Bradford West Gwillimbury

December 2015


December 2015


​CollingwoodDecember 2015


​EssaDecember 2015



April 2016
Updated April 2016 to correct unit mix for vacant lands inside delineated built boundaries. No units were added or removed.

December 2015


New Tecumseth

December 2015: Scenario 1 – Alliston* East lands as Designated Greenfield Area

December 2015: Scenario 2 – Alliston* East lands as Undelineated Built-up Area

* - Alliston Settlement Area boundary subject to confirmation




December 2015

Database incomplete. Craighurst Settlement Area expansion not included in supply.


December 2015


December 2015





December 2015

Units completed between Census Day 2011 to December 31, 2013 are unavailable. When input they will increase the supply and associated surplus.

Springwater​​December 2015​-

December 2015


​TinyDecember 2015


​Wasaga Beach

December 2015


Additional Population: The 20,000 Population Program

Amendment 1 to the Growth Plan (2012) allocated population and employment figures to each of the sixteen local municipalities within the County of Simcoe up to 2031 and included policies allowing municipalities to exceed their population allocations up to a County-wide total of 20,000 persons.

As per Policy of the Growth Plan, the County approved adopted local Official Plans or adopted Official Plan Amendments to redesignate Lands Not For Urban Uses to Lands For Urban Uses in excess of what is needed to meet the 2031 Provincial population allocation. The distribution of the additional 20,000 population expired on January 19, 2017.  A total of 6,560 in population was allocated through the program.  The allocated population  will be deducted from the County's 2041 Provincial population allocation as per Amendment 2 to the Growth Plan.  

The final Population Ledger summarizes the specific details and locations of the population requests.

Phase 2 – Employment Growth

The County is currently working to develop the Update Land Budget Phase 2 – Employment Growth.

Please check back regularly as updates to this process will be posted when available.

Phase 3 – Harmonized Land Budget

Once the results of Phase 2 are available they will be harmonized with the results of Phase 1.

The Harmonized Land Budget will be posted here when complete.